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Joint Health Capsule

Supplements calcium and magnesium to relive osteoporosis symptoms such as joint pain and lumbago;
Strengthens hematopoietic function; Improves immunity; relieves fatigue; Improves sleeping quality and memory; delays aging.

Joint Health Plus Capsule
It helps alleviate the inflammation of the joints and muscles.
Sizeļ¼š500 mg x 60 capsules

The skeleton is the framework of the human body, which is made up of bones connected by joints. Flexible joints are part of health; nevertheless, joints degeneration worsens with aging. Joint disorders occur when cartilage breaks down or wears away, the lubrication of the articular cavity weakens, which allows bones to rub together. Constant rubbing of the bones causes hyperostosis which results in joint deformity. The latter combined with the torn cartilage causes the pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints. Green World Joint Health Plus Capsule provides the building blocks for cartilage repair and rebuilding, and helps relieve the symptoms of the joint disorders.

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24 sachets/box plus 500mg x 60 caps


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