Deep Sea Fish Oil Softgel (Omega-3) plus Garlic Oil Softgel COMBO


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The health benefits of fish oil include its ability to aid in the treatment of various heart diseases, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, AHDH, weakened immune system, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, IBD, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, eye disorders, macular degeneration and ulcers. It also helps aid weight loss, healthy pregnancy, fertility and skin care (particularly for conditions such as psoriasis and acne).Restrains and kills many kinds of pathogenic microorganisms with it’s anti-microbial property. also thins the blood and lowers blood cholesterol level. Prevents atherosclerosis and heat diseases and protects cardio vascular and cardiovascular systems with it’s property of lowering blood pressure.

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1000mg x 100 caps


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